how often do you go out in a week?

@rachy577 (100)
February 2, 2008 12:27pm CST
being a student, you have access to a whole host of activities, clubs, societies, or just going out with friends. I was wondering how often you go out each week? I probably go out 3 nights each week.
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@fadilah8 (207)
• Malaysia
4 Feb 08
i rarely go out..because i dont find good reason for me to do so... but if i wanna catch some movies..we usually go out on friday.. we have a shopping complex here..approximately 5-10 minutes ride with vehicles.. so whenever we want to buy things,take fresh air,or just windows shopping we'll just go there...that, everyday also can...why..because its just round the corner... i dont really like to go out because when i go back..i'll be tired..n cant do my works
@chrysz (1603)
• Philippines
3 Feb 08
I don't usually go out when I was in college. I prefer staying at home or in the dormitory. I could also stay in the library the whole day. My pasttimes then were going to the bookstore and internet shops to check emails and to chat. I was hooked then with chatting that i'd spend so many hours in their. MAybe there were months that I''d go out at night but I only did it on weekends.
• India
2 Feb 08
i am always busy with my study stuff . But i somehow manage to go to beaches, clubs, and saturday parties during saturdays. i love to dance on the floor. But i have seeen that the efficiency of my work goes up like anything after i enjoy every saturday or sunday. i definately dont boose. Boosing sucks. it kills. I dont go out during my semister exams.bcoz i dont want to screw up myself the next day. hehe........
@mensab (4207)
• Philippines
2 Feb 08
well, i always have my fridays alloted for going out. saturdays are optional, but usually i use it for going out. the rest of the days in a week are devoted to studies and preparations for class. and this set-up works for me. i can't complain because i am having fun while learning.