Hilary Clinton

February 2, 2008 10:56pm CST
I posted something about Hilary Clinton being socialist under another interest earlier, but I am wondering now if there is anyone else out there who agrees? One of the replies I got the other post, the other person disagreed, which is a joke, sorry!
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6 Feb 08
its a joke but nobody is laughing..this country as been going socialistic since FDR ....it is since 1933 til now that we have become more socialistic and at the same time we see the rise of the purest Communionist country in the world...China. Now the people in many countries look up to China instead of the US...they have even been given the credit of keeping the world enconomy stable as the US dollar faces a recession..it that not ironic? sad but true
@jormins (1224)
• United States
3 Feb 08
I think its hard to call her a socialist when her campaign is bought and paid for by Big Business and Corporate America (PAC money). But with her ideas she claims she will put into place I can see how some would see it somewhat close to socialism, not very close but somewhat I guess depending on your vantage point. They wanted this same thing in '92 and they couldn't get it with an all Democratic Congress so I think she'll run into more problems if she is elected. Plus I doubt she'll actually do everything she is saying she will do.
3 Feb 08
It's still scary when you think about what would probably happen if she was. You also can't plan for her not to do things initially. Good points though.