February 3, 2008 2:20am CST
Many of my friend have turned into chain smokers.... They all are young like me. God knows what drived them into smoking but I really dont think its helping them in any way. MOREOVER they have actually started to eat less and look so thin....Iam scared that their health is deteriorating badly and I CANT EVEN get there parents involved cause we all are grown upS. WHAT CAN I DO AS A FRIEND .?
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• India
7 Feb 08
as i dont smoke neither i drink , so i can suggest you if you really want , that your friend should leave all those stuff , then just tease them to the level you can ! guys smoke ,for two purpose 1) to show off b/w group friends n gals, to let other people know that they are matured and cool. 2) they say they are having tensions, the worst reason.... i dont know why people smoke , do they get vitamin and minerals out of it.... will you believe evangleen , whenever i see my friends smoking , i start speaking loudely ......CIGRATE PEE KE STYLE MAR RAHA HAIN n etc n etc.....wen this thing is heard by near around ...he feels ashamed........... i know he will not leave it, but till the time i am with him , he doesn't take it ............ everyone has its own perception... but i like the way you care for your friends... Take care
@dramaqn (1990)
• United States
6 Feb 08
Unfortunately, like with any other addiction, you can't make them stop, they have to make the choice. You can suggest or give your opinion, but more importantly just let them know when they are ready that they have your support to quit. One reason why so many people fail when trying to quit smoking is because they aren't doing it for them, they are doing it for someone else. They aren't ready, therefore it doesn't last or begin. I'm a smoker and I know I smoke because I like the taste of nicotine. Can I quit, yeah, but I don't want to. Have I ever quit? Yes, I quit 7 times, while pregnant and nursing. Smoking is my choice not my childs. I wish I could give some better advice, but addiction is addiction and the rules don't change based on they type of addiciton. They have to want to quit. But Kudos to you for being concerned about your friend.