The Secret - Laws of attraction

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February 3, 2008 3:05am CST
I recently watched this film about people sharing ideas and ways how to be successful, with money, with career, with just the daily life. I learned a lot from this film. It talks about focusing your thoughts on positive things, things that really matters to you, things that you want to happen in your life, things that makes you or will make you a better person. One of the discussions was about focusing on what you want to happen and not on what is hindering you from making it happen. for example: A lot of countries nowadays talk about "say no to drugs", "Against poverty, corruption, terrorism", "teenage pregnancy" etc. what this film says is that, these countries that talks or focuses on destroying these things actually attracts them more. Because instead on focusing on other things, they tend to spend more time thinking about them rather than just let it go and focuse on other POSITIVE things. On the film, there was a this gentleman (gay) who says that he was always being picked by his colleagues in the office, making fun of him, he also says that he always is getting harassed when he walks home by bystanders, making fun of his sexuality, he also said that whenever he does his other work (stand up comedian), he also doesn't make the people laugh but rather booed him off the stage. He then wrote to his friend about all his frustrations, all the stress and anxiety that he has been getting. His friend, who was able to watch this film, then forwarded his email back to him, saying that he needs to look at the things that he mentioned in the email. all of which are negative, all frustration, agony, complains, etc. There is not one thing that he mentions which is positive like him being happy. Then he told that person to focus on what he wanted to do and actually live it. Focus more on the positive things until you won't even be able to hear the negative vibes anymore. He then went to work, act as if they are just friends with his colleagues although they are rude to him, ignore those bystanders instead of talking back to them, and he also was able to focus on making the people laugh (stand up comedian job) rather than thinking that they won't accept the fact that he is gay. There was also a scene on this film wherein this girl gets annoyed with the sound of the alarm clock that woke her up in the morning, then all things follow from the time she started getting pissed, all negative. The people who were giving advise on this film were actually on the same situation as before wherein they focused more on what is hindering them to do what they want to do instead on focusing on just what they want to do, and it worked (so did the film said). I believe on what they said, I have this situation 3 years ago where I bought a condo unit, installment, thinking that I could pay for it for 3 years, not really thinking on what may happen during those 3 years I took it! During the 1st few months of the 3 years, all I keep thinking about is how to pay for it, where am I gonna get it, the price was too big, I didn't think about it very hard before taking it... and then it kinda followed.. I lost my job, I almost broke up with the girl that is in the picturem we fight everyday because we can't go anywhere anymore because of the payment, I also almost lost my career. During the time that I was due with my debts that I needed to pay, not to mention the condo unit that I took..all I was thinking is how to get out of this mess. I thought about selling the condo to get my money back, I thought about breaking up with my gf so that she won't have to deal with me anymore, I thought about all the negative things and I just want to get out of this mess. Then I started reading this books that talks about changing points of view in life like "The Art of War" by Sun Tzu, "Make a life, Not just a living", "Career Warfare", etc. Books that made me realize that I am focusing more on the other side(negative) rather than the other side(positive) focus on WHAT I SHOULD DO vs. WHAT IS HINDERING ME TO DO IT. And guess worked! I just finished paying the condo unit last month and I am now starting up with my new goal which is my dream house and very nice family. And I am getting married this thursday! Thank you God! I hope this helps you (whoever reads this), I am not advertising or anything, I don't sell a book or a site that discusses these things. I am just sharing this things that happened to me. Maybe it will help you make your dream come true. I mean I tried doing it, and now successful people are now talking about it and sharing how to be successful on websites, books and dvds, why won't you do it? what are you going to lose right? I know most of the people who are in here are successful one way or the other, it maybe with life, it maybe with career or maybe most of us here are millionaires or even billionaires. I hope you can share your thoughts about this and inspire us all to make our dreams come true. God Bless everyone!
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