Do you take medications for headaches or just sleep it off?

February 3, 2008 12:24pm CST
hi, headaches are very common occurences in my day to day life. I get headaches when I stare at the computer for too long. I also get headaches when I do not get enough sleep. I get headeaches when I am suddenly awakened with a peircing noise when I am alseep. I get headaches when I skip lunch. I also get headeaches plus dizziness when I get stuck in traffic for a long time inhaling "more than enough fumes" emitted from cars around me. There are other gazillion ways for me to get headaches. what do I do when I have them? I sleep it off. the headaches usually wear off when I sleep it off---even for just five minutes. How about you, what do you do? do you take medications? or sleep it off? share your thoughts...
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