My dog is crazy!

United States
February 3, 2008 1:07pm CST
My rottie, spike, is totally nuts. He has this gigantic cow femur bone that he guards like its gold. Its hilarious, but he's worried it down to several small peices and he piles them up and lays on them! Does your rottie do this sort of thing? What is your rottie's favorite type of toy and treat?
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• United States
3 Feb 08
I have a rottie too. and he is also nuts. I just bought half of a cow from the local butcher and I gave the dog this huge shoulder bone to gnaw on. He carries it with him into the laundry room every night and sleeps with his head on it. When I leave him out he takes it with him and leaves it on the top of the stairs. If I even open the door to walk outside he runs up and grabs it. He knows that when he breaks it apart I'm going to take it away from him so he is guarding it with his life. It is too funny!