Worst weekend ever???

February 3, 2008 4:25pm CST
Sometimes I wonder how I (or anyone for that matter!) cope with bad weekends? This have been one of the most horrible weekends I ever had. I kid you not, this is the true extend of my weekend (since friday 08:00 am GMT to this post Sun 22:00 PM GMT). Here goes: Friday 9 AM: Went to bank to sign our new mortgage. We have been dealing and sorting this out for the last 5 month. Today is sign time. BUT...... bank just decided they need another few thousand euros as a security deposit. As they say: "its not really neccessary, but we would like to have it before we proceed" So we dug into savings we put aside for furnitures and renovations. Friday 14 PM: Bank done, pi**ed off, but at least we got our house sorted... BANG... gearbox went in the car. Just happened, no indications as to why, it just blew up. So now we are stranded on the M-way, with a f**ked up car and in a even more pi**sed off mode. Friday 18 PM: Car towed away, in garage, sorted hire car, got news back form garage (1000 euros!!) Don't know what to do. Repair or scrap?? Friday 21 PM: At home. Just had dinner (which got burned!!!!!) and then the phone goes..... "Hi, it dad here, just to let you know that your aunt have passed away" BANG, loads of crying. Auntie passed away after a long time of cancer. At least she is in no pain now. Love her forever! Saturday 9:30 AM: Took girlfriend to work in our HIRECAR!! I skipped work, as I have now got a few things to sort out. YES, WE WORK SATURDAYS!!!! In fact all of Saturday was quite normal. We encountered no problems until about: Saturday 19:30 PM: One of our best friends told us she is moving back home again. Back home, by the way, is about 2000 miles away!!!!! We live in Tenerife (Spain) and she is going back to Scotland) Sunday 9 AM: Both back to work. YES, WE WORK SUNDAYS ALSO!!! Very boring until.. Sunday 17:15 PM: Got email from back home. My Uncle passed away one hour ago!!!!! Cancer also. Again no more pain, and I'm going to miss him forever! So in the last few hours, my girlfriend and I have been crying a little, argued some and laughed a lot. We have thought about the good times, the fun times and a little about the bad times also. I guess we all got various ways to cope with life and death, happiness and sorrow. BUT...... Does it all need to happend at the same time????? Love every one of you forever.
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• United States
3 Feb 08
They say bad things happen in 3's between you and your girlfriend you have had all the bad you should have for a while now. I just don't want to see a post from you in a month that the house you moved into has termites and the roof fell in and you sprained your ankle when you fell down the stairs after tripping over a shoelace that came untied. :)
• Spain
3 Feb 08
Does cutting while shaving counts?? Thanks for your comments, I would like to promise you this, but I am very careful with stuff like that for the time being.
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
4 Feb 08
wow, you have had a bad weekend. And I thought my weekends are bad, but they are a walk in the park compared to yours. We don't do much on the weekends anymore. We used to go out a lot but now we usually just stay in other than to go grocery shopping. Wow, big trip out huh? On the weekends we usually just do the laundry and house work and my hubby usually is working on the truck, for some reason. Sometimes we may go to my mom's house to play cards, or we have company in to play pool and have a few drinks. Nothing too exciting.