Hacker which side are they ?

@mulau2u (1459)
February 3, 2008 10:20pm CST
I found my old collection of cd in my rack, i take a look at the momment one by one, then my eve stop to the one cd title by "UNDERGROUND" then i take it and put into my pc cd-rom, i remember i buy that cd long time ago but until now still do have time to explore it maybe i just busy or lazy to do that.. :) So what the interesting in this cd is, it tell or teach people to do some hack to anything about pc or the internet isn't it greet yeah..heheh.. so my mind keep explore every folder on that cd, tell me many thing like history of hacker - this part i like it so much my mounth keep say "wow" when i read one young man been catch because he have enter the military system then he told them he just trying do that because he want to prove that the syste is not powerful denfense from hacker. these a lot more story that i have read but this one make me sense here... so there is hundred or thousand hacker on earth :) the question is which side are they? are most of them in the good site or in the bad site? so what you all think.. there is somebudy proud have a title "hacker" cause they can help anybody else and the other say because that like it because the can do anything they like.. i like a good hacker..
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@bangunan (14)
• Malaysia
7 Feb 08
acctualy there is no side for this person.. for me hacker is someone that have a talent, but there are few person using this talent for own propose. thats all.