Take off the limit

February 4, 2008 8:21am CST
Do you know it's possible to limit God in your life? A lot of people have unconsciously placed limits on what the Lord can do in their lives. E.g. somebody who wants to get a job and all he prays is "Oh Lord, please let my application be accepted in that company". He places so much emphasis in his prayer on his letter of application, thinking that God must do it that way. Unknown to him,he is limiting God because he fails to realise that God could give him that job any other way, even a better one. When God wants to do something, He doest have to follow the way that men have laid down- He overrides all humans modus-operandi. So take off the limit and believe God for real.
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@Kerenhap (63)
• United States
5 Feb 08
Yes, I agree. And I find that "giving it over to God" means just that! I find much comfort and release from worry in doing that. I no longer have to figure out the answer or means. I just have to continue to maintain my faith and belief that the Universe has access to many more possibilities than I. I do what I can in my day to day life, and wait and listen for the suggestions that are sent my way on things I have prayed about. Then it is necessary that we do our part and take action on those suggestions.
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4 Feb 08
this is so true its like i always say when someone is troubled and prays for help yet continues to dwell onthe problem he cant take away something we insist on clinging to .just like giving someone a gift yet holding firmly onto they cant accept it untill we turn it loose!