Did You Like "The Face" by Dean Koontz?

United States
February 4, 2008 8:38am CST
"The Face" by Dean Koontz is about former detective Ethan Truman, who currently works as the security head for the biggest actor in Hollywood, Channing Manheim, "The Face." Truman is attempting to capture the sender of several lurid "messages" that were received in six packages. After following leads and facing the ghost of his deceased friend "Dunny", Ethan finds himself experiencing supernatural visions and struggling with stopping the possible death of "The Face" or the kidnapping of Manheim's son, Aelfric. This novel is literarily deficient. It is abundantly self indulgent, striving to deliver a pretentious message. Like other Koontz novels that faltered, it proves to be filled with disposable description and at 650 pages it's remarkably long. Also, it fails because it holds too much imagination, and losing you, in its journey. The story is glutted with portions that are unnecessary. To it's benefit, it provides amicable eye-catching characters. Yet, then it stalls that development, & dispatches an abundance of the villain, who is too wacky, even for a Koontz antagonist. Koontz fans may struggle, yet will enjoy it. First timers, will be deceived, because he's a better writer, unlike the production in "The Face". Did You Like "The Face" by Dean Koontz?
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• Canada
4 Feb 08
I must agree with you I have but can not seem to get into the novel. I think i have gotten through 2 or 3 chapters but it has been a struggle. I do like the ODD books he has put out along with others but this one is hard to get into...Is it one of his older ones???