Florida today vs. Florida tommorow

February 4, 2008 8:57am CST
4 years ago tourism was the #1 source of income for the state. Today tourism sits at #3 behind Energy and Agriculture. If we continue to strip our State from the Natural resources that make it so wonderful, what does the future hold for a current Florida Homeowner?
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10 Nov 08
I've lived in FL for 18 years. I'm not a homeowner yet. I typically rent homes. I'm would be scared to invest money in a home here if I had it. If you look at the dirt here, it's made of sand. This state used to be underwater and is pretty much a giant sandbar. I love going to the beaches, but with global warming and all we really dont know whether the whole place will sink back into the sea like the lost city of Atlantis. All the hurricanes and tornadoes and such make me very nervous. Look at what happened in New Orleans when hurricane Katrina came through and broke the levees and flooded the whole place out (temporarily). By 2012, I'd like to be living in another state. I do plan to enjoy the remaining time that I will be living here though. Compared to where i'm from, NY the cost of living is lower here. I want to travel to some other states just for the sake of travelling and to find someplace to relocate.
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• France
5 Feb 08
not just the homeowner,but everyone that still don't have a home after the big hurricane.all the problems that has not been looked at when the caravans where given as housing.tourism needs to change.