Goodness! I'm getting bald at the top

February 4, 2008 9:34am CST
Gosh! I did not know and was not aware that I was a baldy at the top. A long lost friend whom I met lately, looked at me up and down and softly said, 'Oh, you too are balding'. "What," I replied, "not me, never me". The deceiving part of me is that I have such nice hair in the front and one looking at me face to face, like I always do in front of the mirror, would never expect me to have a smooth top at the back. So I went back home, checked my top towards the back with a back view mirror, and goodness me, what a pathetic and shocking sight it was. I immediately went to my pharmacist and asked for some remedial stuff. I came back home with some lotion which was supposed to stimulate hair-growth. Nothing seems to be happening at the moment. It appears that this is a global problem and I am sure somebody out there would have tried comething and have happily succeeded. Those who are having this same problem, what are your solutions? Share it with all of us.
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