Superbowl commercials...

@Ravenladyj (22937)
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February 4, 2008 3:58pm CST
OMFG I was just in another thread and mentioned the only two commercials I'd seen last night that played during the superbowl on a fluke (I dont watch football but my son was watching it and the two commercials played while i was in the room) ANYWAY...I remembered after posting that, that my husband had told me you can watch the commericals online I just watch the Pepsi Justin Timberlake one...HOLY HELL ITS TOO FUNNY!! did any of you care for any of the Superbowl commercials? Do you have a favourite?
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5 Feb 08
There was really only like two or maybe three that I liked. We all here (my hubby, and sister/bro in laws) all thought they rather stunk this year. I liked the Justin Timberlake and the one that came on right after it (but I can't remember what it was damn it!). And I think there might have been one more.