have you ever been to las vegas?

Lampe, Missouri
February 4, 2008 4:12pm CST
wow i will be going the end of march and just can't wait. have you even been? i am looking forward to seeing every thing there is to see and do some gammling. hehehe. i am going for conveniton with passion parties a company that i am with.
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• United States
4 Feb 08
I have never been there but I have been told that Wendover is so much better for gambling. I don't know though. I was warned though not to go outside on the strip during the day because the smell will kill me. I might go when I go visit my soon to be sister in law in June, so when you get back write about your trip here so I can see how your experience was.
• Lampe, Missouri
4 Feb 08
Well during the day i will be in convention so no worries about going out and the strip not sure i will be going there eather LOL i might get lost. my mom is thinking of going with me too so that should be fun. thank you for posting and i will post how it was when i get back
@kate0250 (315)
• Philippines
10 Feb 08
Hi!! Ive been to Vegas. And I think that it's really great @ night.. Well you see we had a 4 hour drive from California with my cousins to go there, which is quite far but nice because we dropped by @ Arizona too. It was during summer and it's pretty hot outside Vegas, I felt like there's a blower or exhaust fan all over my body during day time. LOL^_^ So I advice for you to go out @ night, ofcourse it's where all the party and gamble happens. But I can say that it's where I found my dreamhouse, too. For hotels? I loved Bellagio's dancing water and their food. And Ceasar's palace interior rocks too! So I hope u have a great trip there! ^_^
• Lampe, Missouri
22 Feb 08
Thank you for your thoughts i know that most of my stuff will have to be done really late at night as i will be in convention all day long, there is a couple nights i plan to goof off a lot with my mom hehehe we just can't wait to go
@gina2008 (248)
6 Apr 08
You are going to LOVE IT! It was the best experience of my life. It is fun and beautiful too! You will have a blast!