Do you think I'm going to be a good parent to a dog?

United States
February 4, 2008 5:25pm CST
I'm 18, have been living on my own for six months now with 2 roommates in a nice apartment. All my life I've never been without a dog and I hopelessly miss my family dogs. I had a boxer from the time I was 2-16 and she was the greatest, since then we have had a shepherd (he had to be put down last year) and a shih-tzu. I miss having a dog so badly, but I don't want to do something and realize I can't handle it. As it stands, I have college classes mon-thu and a job fri-sat. The classes aren't all that long and only a mile from my apartment, so letting the little pup out and visiting him isn't a problem. My cash flow is pretty steady, buying one less new shirt or meal out isn't hard to sacrifice to buy doggie food/treats/toys. I'm great at saving money too, so if something were to happen vet wise, I've got money put away to take care of that. My apartment only allows dogs under a foot tall, which is fine. I don't have the large yard to give a big dog what he needs. There is a wonderful dog park withing walking distance though, that I would love to take. I'm looking to adopt from a shelter. But what I'm wondering, do you think it unwise for a college student to adopt a dog? Do you think I've thought it through? I'm I missing something key that would make it hard having a dog? Thanks in advance.
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@Suze05 (480)
• United States
5 Feb 08
It sounds to me like you'd be a great doggie have dog caring experience and have obviously thought it through a lot in terms of what will be required to care for and feed a dog, and even what kind would be best suited to your lifestyle and the fact you're in an apartment, etc. I have 3 dogs..2 mixed breeds and a 2 y/o great dane..and my roomie has a boxer..and they're the best thing in the world!! I'd be lost without my babies. Juat be sure to consider what will happen if you want to go on vacation or take off and spend the night with someone and that sometimes its a pain to have to find doggie babysitters ..especially if you have a serious gf and you want to spend time going off together or something, it can get to be difficult, as long as you have a helpful roomie you're fine..but if that should change then thats something to consider. Hope you find a great baby for yourself..if I was gonna get a small dog, instead of the house horses I have, I'd get a boston terrier..or a Maltese of Havanese :O))
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5 Feb 08
Haha, Doggie Mommy, but yeah. I do have a serious boyfriend who is moving into a place where he can finally have dogs. (It's something that has stopped me before because a lot of my free time is split between the two places, so now I can have trips to his place with the pup) Not too many vacations are in the works for me ATM. I might have a few over night trips to NY but I think between my parents and my roommate it should be fine. Otherwise I'd see about bringing him every chance I could. Nice thing about small dogs, fit just fine in my VW Bug.
@urbandekay (18312)
4 Feb 08
I think the key factor will be time, it does depend on the breed but if you are in an apartment you will need to walk the dog several times a day. all the best urban
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5 Feb 08
The time is there, monday and tuesday I don't have class until 1PM and I am out at LATEST 5PM. Wednesday and Thursday I have a class from 830AM to a latest of 1230PM. But there are 15 min breaks ever hour which is more than enough time to run home. The only problem days would be on sat and sun, when I work 5-8 hours. I know my one roommate is a homebody and wouldn't mind taking him out. That would be the only problem. I think I'm looking for something with short hair, nothing terrier or extremely active. I've been kind of interested in pugs, puggles, chihuahua and such.
@YepYep (71)
• Philippines
12 Feb 08
Yes you are. Just manage your time well.(Time Management) I know what you feel righht now.Infact i have mine japannese spitz, i miss her so much when im at work. I must hurry to go home just to touch and hug my dog..How much about you since child you have dogs. So, follow what makes you happy. DOgs can relieve strees..Isnt it?
@xtine111 (15)
• Canada
9 Feb 08
Hey I totaly understand what you are going through. I had moved out of the province a while back and away form my family so I didnt know anyone where I was. I wanted a dog really bad and was in the same situation as you. Anyway I say go ahead and do it. If you know that you have time and money I say why not right? It sounds like you have your head in the right place to take care of a puppy right now. Its hard especially with school and work but Id say that you should get it when you know you have a few days to get it all settled in and get comfortable with you. Get up a little bit earlier and make sure the puppy has a little bit of quality time with you before you take off. Seeing as you have roomates it will probably be easier because there would probably be someone around most of the time. Just try and spend as much time with it as possible in the first few days. It will probably take a little bit longer to train the dog but it will be worth it.Its amazing how much of a relief a dog can be especially when your away from home. Anyway my best peice of advice is to not get a beagle hahah just kidding. Anyway good luck and I hope it works out for you, Im sure it will be great.