For those of you who like statistics....

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February 4, 2008 5:30pm CST
I have a new genealogy program and it allows you to do a statistical report. Since I have over 97,000 names and data on my family tree that go back to the 1400's on some branches I thought this might be fun. Here are some of the interesting stats Total People -average age of first marriage = 23.3 -average age of first child =26.0 (ok this really surprises me) -average age of last child = 33.7 -average age of death =58.2 Males -average age of first marriage = 24.7 -average age of first child = 27.5 -average age of last child = 35.4 -average age of death = 58 Females -average age of first marriage = 21.9 -average age of first child = 24.4 -average age of last child = 32 -average age of death = 58.6
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@BlackBay (584)
• Canada
5 Feb 08
Very neat to see how your family evolved. It looks like the average life expectancy is short there any known medical reasons why. Could be an interesting investigation on that.