Is a Writer's Market subscription worth it?

@doran28 (109)
United States
February 4, 2008 9:14pm CST
I'm talking about the monthly/yearly subscription you can get to their updated database. I'm a beginning writer and have been looking around at all the freelance writing job sites. I know the Writer's Market is supposed to be a bible for getting published, but since the internet makes so many resources available, is that still true? Do you/have you had a subscription there and did you think it was worth the money?
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@hWhite (5)
• United States
6 Feb 08
I've never had a subscription so I don't know on that note...Usually I go to my local library and thumb through one of those big thick Writer's Market books (from Writer's Digest usually) that lists all kinds of publishers. My library usually gets an updated copy every year, and I find it easier than searching the web since it usually breaks publishers down into categories (fiction, non-fiction, magazines, poetry, international publishers, contests/awards, small presses, etc)...then I'll copy down a few publishers that sound like they might be good bets, and then check them out on the web for guidelines and stuff. Maybe one of these days I'll actually send something to one of them.
• United States
5 Feb 08
I had a subscription, and while the information was interesting, it did very little in the way of finding writing jobs. Most of its classifieds are from people who want to make money from you as editors or charge you to print and publish your book. You're better off finding writing opportunities on your own, via the web,unless of course you've been able to find an agent. Print on demand publishers like are also a good place to get your book published, but then you have to do the promotion and marketing yourself. Avoid 'vanity' publishers at all costs. While POD publishers will print your book and offer extra services at a cost, vanity publishers want several thousand dollars up front.