one last day

February 4, 2008 9:58pm CST
What are the things that you will do if it will be your last day here in Earth?
4 responses
@Kerenhap (63)
• United States
7 Feb 08
I would gather my family around me one more time and remind them of my beliefs and my requests for after I am gone. I believe: that we do not die, but our spirit survives I believe: that our loved ones remain around us and are also available in time of need. I will tell them that I will try to confirm this for them in some manner once I am gone. I will ask them to live their life in celebration of life, and to have a celebration that honors our life together, remembering my favorite, family, etc I will tell them that I will see them again, and will tell them that I will wait for them, but they should not be anxious for that day. I will thank them for blessing me with having been a part of my life. I will ask for their forgiveness in any I may have harmed them. I will ask them to love the world as they love me.
@rlynzz (75)
• Philippines
6 Feb 08
i'll ask for GOD for forgiveness and also forgive those who have done something wrong to me and i will donate all the money i have left to charities.
@beeyah (48)
5 Feb 08
i'll pray and ask God to forgive me for all my sins.
@angel08 (120)
• Philippines
5 Feb 08
I will forgive all my enemies and donate my money(if I have) to the orphanage or to the sick people.