Ibuprofen allergy

United States
February 5, 2008 10:16pm CST
Has anyone else out there developed an allergic reaction to ibuprofen? If so, was it the first time you took it, or did you develop it after you had taken it for a while? What were your symptoms and how did you know what was causing them? Advil was always my pain reliever of choice--headache, backache, cramps, I'd take ibuprofen, usually Advil. Then one day last summer my fingertips started to turn red, swell up, and get extremely painful. I had no idea why. Naturally I went to a doctor. They thought it was some sort of weird blood virus and put me on prednisone, and told me to take Advil for the pain. Long story short, I went to five different doctors, all of whom told me to take Advil, and Benadryl in case it was an allergic reaction to something, but no one knew what. Finally, I found a specialist, who saw figured out that all of my symptoms could be caused by an allergic reaction to Advil. By this time, the swollen finger tips, had become swelling and inflamation of all sorts of random body parts, excruciating joint pain, and hives all over my body. Once I found out the cause, I assumed it would get better, but it has been six months now since I've taken any Advil, and I'm still having symptoms. They are 90% better than they were when I was taking the Advil, but they are still there. I get a few hives and some inflammation every day. It's nothing serious--just annoying. Imagine having mosquito bites all the time. Anyone else dealing with this?