what would your reaciton be if your mother introduces you to her new boyfriend?

@akinad (448)
February 6, 2008 1:03am CST
my parents have been separated for 5 years now..i never thought that my mother would have an interest for a new love,a new relationship..to think that she had a hard time with my father:i really never thought that she'd be ready to fall in love again that soon.. but then again (sigh)..she introduces as to her new "BOYFRIEND"..it was really a shocker for me..i felt depressed and unsure of what she's getting into..i guess she haven't learned..but what am i supposed to do??it's her happiness.. we can only be supportive right?? i just hope that she'll be happy....
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@mollyrose (415)
• United States
8 Feb 08
Well she has waited five years to find happiness if she has found it good for her. My mother on the otherhand has jumped from one relationship to another and right now has been married to my stepdad for three years now. They only knew one another for a few months and then got married and now she is miserable and regretting it because she never got to know him. As long as your mom takes her time with this guy and doesn't divorce your dad then immediately marry this guy then all should be well. My advice is always to take things slow and get to know someone. If it works out for her thats good if not she will move on. Yeh you should be happy for her because she deserves to be happy .
@madasp (563)
• United States
8 Feb 08
I know its probably hard to think of your mother needing relationships outside of being a mother, but she's human so she does. Your right to support her and hope that she'll be happy, i'm sure she appreciates that.