How will you face Death today?

February 6, 2008 1:16am CST
If you will die today, what preparation will you make? Maybe it is too late, maybe there is no more time. Some old people just walking along the street and bump by a motorbike and died unexpectedly. So many vehicular accidents happen daily - those who die are unprepared. Nobody can tell when he will die. To think that today is your death. The sick are better prepared, they ask the priest to give them the last sacrament. They spent their time praying. A monthly check up with confession, or a daily examination of conscience will prepare the soul to face death. Again prayer and penance will give us a better position to face death. The prayer of the holy hour offers to the dying and the repentance of sinners. More souls will go to heaven, if they prepare themselves daily. For the hour of death comes like a theft.
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