Has anybody told you that you are tensed?

@smilyn (2964)
United States
February 6, 2008 3:30am CST
People around me describe me always as a "tension girl"..But I never seem to be so..Why is that? How can I be more cool and calm like many others. I feel that I'm normal..But others feel I'm always tensed..Can you help me with tips to be cool. Has anyone ealse had faced the same situation wherein others criticise you that you are in tension?
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@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
6 Feb 08
I've been called intense which is different to holding tension. I find being intense a compliment. Do you have high expectations, want to do the best you can do, work fast, work hard - nothing wrong with these traits. Do you stress because you might miss deadlines, do you bash yourself because you think your work is not up to standard, but actually is?? - That's worth having a look at. Sometimes other people find it difficult to be around someone who is firey and intense. That's not your problem. If you get other people offside because of your moods then you'd need to be aware of your behaviour. Ask for feedback from a work colleague you trust. But make sure people don't put you down for being who you are.
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