Penguins and Birthdays!

 Boulders Beach Penguin - Myself and one of the many penguins found in at the protected sanctuary "Boulders Beach" in South Africa.
February 6, 2008 5:40am CST
So following on from my post and picture yesterday about getting to pet a cheetah, I wanted to share another picture from my vacation in South Africa. Of all the places in the world to find penguins, South Africa was the last place I expected. I thought of penguins and I thought of cold! Nonetheless, at Boulder's Beach, not far from Cape Town, is a protected beach area for the South African penguin, also known as the "jackass" penguin because of the braying sound they make. On my 25th birthday I was lucky enough to get to visit this beach and spend time with these gorgeous and adorable birds! I sat with them and watched them and even went paddling and one whizzed past my feet. What's really lovely about them is that they mate for life, so there were lots of couples together. I wish I could include more photos in this post, but unfortunately I can only put one in, so here is myself and one of the little loves!
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@raydene (9875)
• United States
6 Feb 08
Hi Sweets, I say a special on Animal planet abou them and was so surprised at the funny noise they make.. I just love animal planet and discovery ..I've gotten to know so much about animals all over the world. oxxoxoxoxo
6 Feb 08
I got to learn a lot about the animals I was seeing because at the safari park I went to we were lucky enough to have a guide that knew a lot about them. I'm also planning on reading up on the penguins. They're so fascinating! xxxx