JUST SO Proud of my achievment....

@bizmom (515)
United States
February 6, 2008 6:22am CST
I had to share.... well i posted a bit ago about looking for healthy ways to eat and so fourth that my Cholesterol and blood pressure where high and had to lose some weight... well, had my three month check up and altho its not all good news right now, im very proud of how im doing so far!! had blood work done up few days before this check up and well my chol. is still high :( but.. my blood pressure is DOWN and i lost 5 pounds!!! WOOHOO!!! Im doing something right atleast lol i may have he heritary gene for high cholsterol so im now on Lipitor - BUT.... have been told by my DR that if i keep losing like i am ( slowly gradually - healthy) then ill be off Lipitor in no time!! woohoo!! Walking, tred mill walking and aquasize at my local YWCA is working for me! :) i had changed everything .. NO Salt, no suger and my fat content down drastically! added soy tofu and yogurt fruits & veggies!! i feel great and im not going to stop! Wish me luck for the next three month check up!! Bizmom
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