Is God present everywhere?

February 7, 2008 12:57am CST
Every individual remembers GOD in one form or another atleast once in life. We pray to him, thank him, love him, hate him, ignore him, blame him, and often forget him. Thus HE is an important part of our lives. But does GOD really exist everywhere and in everythng? Is HE omnipresent? Consider this: 1)If GOD is present in every human, anima, insect, plant, mountain, river, etc. then that beats the purpose of remembering him. Why call out to somebody who is within us? 2)If GOD is present in animals, then are the Non-Veggies eating GOD in every morsel? 3)Why is our world full of ahtred if GOD--the ocean of love , is present in each of us? 4)Why do people join hands upwards and not inwards when remembering GOD? 5)If GOD is within us, then is HE sinning when we sin or lie? If so, who then will liberate us from sorrow and pain? I am sure these pointers strike a chord deep within each of us. GOD is not one of us; HE has a home beyond this world. All of us may not really seek answers to these questions, but there is no harm in trying, is there?
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@danzer (2732)
• Philippines
7 Feb 08
God is omnipresent, right but he is not present in anything. He is also omniscient, all knowing. There are a lot of questions we might understand, like how our body systems work even if we cannot see it. It takes faith!
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@KennethF (102)
• United States
11 Feb 08
God means different thing to different people depending on perspective. There is the spiritual perspective which sees God as that "ocean of love" all around. People live their perspectives. There is a human perspective which humanizes God makinf him lower than divine and which God expresses human emotions. There is a material perspective which bases God on matter, not Spirit or human emotions. Mainstream religions teach God through the perspective of a religious status quo.Everything is seen and understood through perspective.