what does a person do if you do'nt get appritiated by your loved ones.

South Africa
August 16, 2006 2:27am CST
lets say you work so hard trying to give your mom the love and the warmth that she never got from your father.You give a home,where she never had always put her first in everything you do in such an axtent where you run out of shoes trying to full fill her needs and still bits your son up instead of looking after him while you work your buts out trying to give them a normal living like everyone else do you think i should take my pet and just forget about them course he is only six in a naughty stage but does'nt derseve that kind of a hiding. what must i do?
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@rainbow (6763)
16 Aug 06
Your mum's probably hurting as much over this as you are. Maybe you should talk to her about your rules for your family home. Six year olds can be an adventure into torture - mine has special needs which makes it even more fun and sometimes it is hard to keep your temper with them, maybe she just lost it and has scared herself so much it will never happen again. Maybe you could sort out a litte childcare to give her a break occasionally. I'm sure she appreciates what you have done for her and wouldn't like to be alone again. If it happened again you might find she is better with your son if she had her own place nearby so she could go home when you come in from work to releave the pressure on you all.