Who decides!

United States
February 8, 2008 1:09am CST
You ever wondered why it is that some familys where born into wealth? I mean some1 had to do something to get you thier from some point right? Or familys that have been around for generations why does it seem like the rich get richer or stay somewhere in the middle. While others who have ideas to get rich lack the money to help themselves out of a rut. Taxes will be here soon and last name or amount of money in my pocket. I don't care I am just glad I have family and friends and love for what I care about! Ya money is nice and I wish it was a year round no starving inbetween food stamps or having to get food bank. Plus after bills the 10 or less left in the pockets is very painful. I just think its sad that for most people that income tax is the only time that they look forward to getting things that they normally couldn't afford. Then you have grants which are free and no payback but who wants that? I tried that once and its no where near my state..Government getting one over again on the already poor with the gas is a laugh..Just let them live 2 or 3 weeks the way we do! They wouldn't last!
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