Does Dream Means Anything?

February 8, 2008 6:40am CST
hi friends!I want your opinions about the dreams we watch?How many of you have experience such things that what we see in our dreams has happened sometimes in our own life cycle,i.e,we have already particular set of events in our dreams.This has happened with me.Has it happened with you?
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• Indonesia
11 Feb 08
Yes dreams mean a lot for me. I like to effort my dream come true. Be a success person, have a own business and the lady that loves me very much is my dream. Dream can help you and motivate you to study and work so hard. But be careful don't live in your dream, make the dream live in our life.
@pheebsy (21)
• Philippines
10 Feb 08
for me..dreams may mean three things 1) it can be you pre-occupation 2) your hidden desire 3) a message you have to learn about if you want your dreams to help you, you should be able to identify first which of three does it have to do with..
@sminut13 (1786)
• Singapore
10 Feb 08
it has with me too. a number of times in fact. it's deja vu; that's what some people say. but i did an article recently and there's also an explanation for this. if it's a day to day thing that we dream about, it is most likely because when we are conscious, we tend to miss out on some things during the day. at night, while resting, out sub conscious mind is relaxed and is able to actually pick out the missing pieces of information so to say. basically reading between the lines i think. thus our mind is able to process much earlier what might happen because of the information that it has before hand. we tend to experience it later when our conscious mind finally takes in the information as time passes thus, we tend to experience what we did as in the dreams. this is a bit confusing i know, but it's how it is. i did an article on it and learnt about it then too.