Can Anyone Tell me You favorite Song? Why?

@markdan (127)
February 8, 2008 6:57am CST
Anyone, Im been reading about this book on pyschology and What it says that the favorite song of a person reflects on what he/she is. I dont know it its true or not. But as for me it reflects I love Hip music and Im am an energetic person!!. What About you?
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@SlavVv (39)
• Bulgaria
9 Feb 08
my fav is rock style Linkin Park - In The End, but i listen more a dance hits and little Hip-Hop & R&B. So i love a little from all styles and have fav from all of them.
• Philippines
8 Feb 08
My favorite song would have to be 'Iris' by Goo Goo Dolls. Aside from having the title as my real name, the song truly depicts who I am. It's the most perfect of all songs. Besides Iris, my other song would be 'When It Rains' by Paramore and 'Learning to Breathe' by Switchfoot. If there's one genre I'd have to be classified in, that would be alternative. I am more into this kind than any other (rock, pop, RnB). I think alternative, for me, is the second best of all the genre next to classical music (of course since it's the root of all music types). Alternative defines my music craving and it's just the right catch for my ear's tune.