My Cousin Is Sixteen Weeks Pregnant

February 8, 2008 7:46pm CST
....with twins and it is her first pregnancy but she has a short cervix and so she is doubly high risk and as of yesterday she was put on Medical leave from her Job (Suddenly)...this was not supposed to occur until twenty weeks but her cervix has started to open and shrink to that of a Five Month Pregnant Woman (This is not good) She was going today to the hospital to see if it was necessary to put a stitch in...If they did that then she has been admitted and will be there for ten weeks otherwise she will be sent home to bed rest...She must keep the babies in until at least the beginning of May but the doctor has a date of May 15th for the birth of the babies or later as that is the point where they will have the most chance of little difficulties! Please, Her name is Sarah and we need all of the prayers we can get right now! :) Also she lives on the other side of the country from me and so I cannot be with her...Please pray for her and the babies!! Now, to make this a discussion..... Please share your pregnancy experiences good and bad. Thanks for the all of your support in this and the stories here in advance! ~Heavens~
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@mummymo (23707)
10 Feb 08
Sweety I will save my pregnancy storie for another day - all I need to say is that my sister refers to my pregnancies as the horror stories that work as contraception! lol I sure hope that everything went well with your cousin - please keep us updated. No need to ask - she was in my prayers before I even got on to that bit! xxx
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10 Feb 08
My cousin did get a stitch put in and she was in the hospital for two nights...She came home today and has a doctors appointment for Friday...she is on complete bed rest until then and will not be going back to work at all...there is still a danger that the stitch won't hold and there is nothing more medically that can be done to keep them in....Sarah and I appreciate your prayers and that of your church or anyone else that you know! Hugs To You ~Heavens~