road kill! (animals) cruelty!!

United States
February 8, 2008 10:00pm CST
well i went to take my son to school this morning, on the way to taking him to school in the middle of the highway was 6 dead deers. one look like it had been dragged for a bit ways and i think personally that was night a sight for a weak stomach person. i mean think about it what if a kid seen all that. to me its just disturbing. also the city did not have the respect enough to go and remove them off the highway. there was no way to go around them,you either had to drive over them or run off the road trying not to hit them again. very sick scene! anyways to me more people need to have the respect for animals cause they are living creatures in this world and not only deer but i think about that could have been someone's best friend!!
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@moodus (118)
• United States
9 Feb 08
I whole heartily agree with you on that subject. I mean, people have become so ME oriented and where they NEED to get to or what they need to do for THEMSELVES that they have completely lost respect for ALL of gods creatures on this planet. Look at the many animals left on the road that no one even thinks about. I cry over them all b/c they too deserve to live and be here just as we do! I think there needs to be some kind of way to get people to pay more attention. What if that was their child or, like you said, best friend? Would they care then? Also, b/c we have moved most of the animals (wild) out of their own habitat by building on the land and destroying it, well, it's no wonder these poor creatures get hit. Again, if people found ways to have a heart for more than themselves, things may get better. I always watch out for animals when I drive and I also help them in their life if I can. I wish you luck on your quest to find others who, if joined together, may and can make a difference.