How to put your own Videos on to your I-POD

Ipod - How to put videos onto your ipod
February 9, 2008 12:35am CST
It seems alot of people are having trouble putting there own videos on to there ipods. Well here's the trick step 1. convert the video file to MP4 format (MP4 is a format which itunes recognizes and automatically converts to the proper format for your ipod) step 2. Once you are done converting open itunes and from your library select "movies" for example Drag and drop your converted file to a empty space in your library field area. step 3. SYNC your Ipod Any questions on programs you can use to convert your video files or on anthing mentioned above just discuss it with me....
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@chris1314 (787)
9 Feb 08
If they are home videos, then most are in MP4 format anyway. If you have taken them on a mobile, camcorder etc, then they should already be MP4 and itunes should recognise them =]
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9 Feb 08
I have also had some trouble with this a while back where it said this file isnt a exported file. I just ignored it since I didnt have any good movies to put on my ipod anyway. Just 3 weeks ago I aksed my friend if he knew any good DVD rippers where I could rip my DVDs to my harddrive. He gave me the best and easiest one with a download link 9only 2MB big). After checking out this program it has really everything you would want like a format changer. It can copy a DVD to your computer and exchange the format to anything you want like PSP Ipod etc... Or you could take an existing file from your harddrive and exchange it from there. I havnt tried it out yet with my ipod and the videos since I dont know what to put on but I will son! The program is called Magic DVD ripper, I dont have the link anymore but try googling it, good luck All the best