Can I make love through Internet?

Sri Lanka
February 9, 2008 4:55am CST
I use internet lot and I needed make friends lot,I have friends but is there any way to make love through internet?
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@jayman32 (268)
• Australia
9 Feb 08
not without human touch, physical contact is needed. thats what i think, others will think differently...
@Gesusdid (1681)
• United States
21 Feb 08
cybering is what the kids call it today , i actaully saw this device for men , that stimulates , but it cost like thousands of dollars haha not worth that much money in this lifetime ..go out and get a real woman jeez ...they at least talk back to you or you can pay them to shut up
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@jayman32 (268)
• Australia
21 Feb 08
whats the world coming too!...
@javaleira (372)
• Portugal
18 May 08
no way. The human touch, the kiss is needed. You can reach the climax through the internet.
@chechuva (1276)
• Philippines
18 May 08
yes if you get honest with your motives to the people you meet in the internet. i for one had a relationship through the internet. i met an American Mexican. he came to my place and we dated. but because of time and work, we didn't end up well.
• India
18 May 08
you are good user of net let me explain you what is love love is not that you try to do it s happen when oyu like to talk with someone .so this is love but get it that some are only getting enjoy so be carefull
• Indonesia
9 Apr 08
you mean fall in love or making love..? cause both different meaning.. in my word make love is similar with have s*x..sorry if i did a mistake to translate... make love through internet..? wow...please tell me how... :))
@gratitude (181)
• South Africa
16 Mar 08
YOU NEED SERIOUS HELP! any chat on the internet is virutal chat until you physically meet a person!
@am_mad (57)
• Egypt
21 Feb 08
i think, it can't be, there may be more scams, cheats, you can't trust.