What To do, What To Do??

February 9, 2008 3:38pm CST
I have a beagle and she is about 5 monthes old. Im just having problems getting her to listen and stop chewing on everything in my house. I just need any advice that might help me with her. Its not that shes a bad dog but she just doesnt listen very well and Im very confused as to what to do next. Any help is sooo appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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10 Feb 08
lolol welcome to the beagle world! Okay seriously, first off, beagles are one of the most stubborn breeds out there. I adore them, but boy are they tough to train. That being said, she needs training. It will take a lot of time and effort on your part, but it will work. The chewing, well, one of my beagles just turned 2, and she is finally getting over the chewing thing. For a long time, literally, nothing was safe from her mouth. I would look into finding obedience classes for her. Make sure she is up to date on her shots, because most classes won't let a pup in that has not had her appropriate shots. Good luck! :O)
• Canada
16 Feb 08
Ya she is very stubborn!! I have actually gone ahead and signed her up for puppy training classes now so shes gonna be starting in the beggining of march. She has actually gotten a little better with the whole goin outside thing. Someone told me that bell training works well and it has so far. Now when she has to go she just hits the bell we put by our door and we let her out.
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14 Feb 08
the best thing you can do, especially because you are not confident in communicating with her, is to sign up for puppy kindergarten/puppy socialization and obedience classes. You can get a lot of good tips and a trainer can help you learn to communicate with your pup more clearly. I STRONGLY recommend finding a trainer who belives in positive reinforcment, and crate training for a dog this age too. You cannot have your eyes on your dog 24 hours a day and crate training will help when you are not home. She will not destroy the house when you are not home. But also, you will be able to reinforce the good behaviors when she is loose and you are home. also, to anyone out there reading this who is considering a pup - if you have never owned a dog, aren't prepared to be home enough to housebreak them, or don't have any sort of a gameplan for the inevitable stages of puppy life (chewing/teething, etc) don't get a puppy. Get a dog that is already a few years old and equally as deserving of a home.
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
Puppy proof you home. Hide or keep all things that your puppy is tempted to chew. (It's like a diet. Can you blame yourself your mom brought you a decadent chocolate cake?lol) Buy attention getting chew toys. Something that she will prefer to chew than say, your sofa. There are chew toys where you can stuff doggie treats in them. That's one way of diverting their attention. Praise him if he chews the right stuff.
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10 Feb 08
so this trick worked for a german shepard dog i had. he chewed on everything, until we started taking the thing he was chewing on away and replacing it w/ his own paw....he would then knaw on his paw for a moment then stop....we kept doing that until he finally learned. i was also taught that for traning any dog, when you praise them is it good to run there necks and heads (like by there ear) just like a mama dog would nestle her nose on her pup....and i believe in rewarding my dogs whenever they are good...not just w/ training and tricks....but whatever they do thats good they get praised and rewarded somehow. good luck ~j
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• United States
10 Feb 08
I love kong type toys for pups. You can put peanut butter or treats inside and it keeps them busy for quite awhile. Puppies need to chew, so make sure she has plenty to chew on, and make sure she is getting plenty of exercise and attention. Beagle are very active dogs, so she will get bored easily. Obedience classes will also help releave stress for both of you.