falling in love

February 10, 2008 5:29am CST
You think you are falling in love. You're really attracted to a certain person. But this happened before, and it was just a "crush" " How can you tell if it's real this time ? Wha is the different betwen "having a crush " on someone and falling in love?
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@saahilin (89)
• India
11 Feb 08
right now i acn't comment over that b'coz these days i am talking to a person to whom i never seen but i knew that i knew he rfor years from the day one i am frank to her, shared most of myself without any hesitation, without any fear to losse anything as her. And on other hand, i have relation with one girl....but i can't even decide to whom i love the most. i am maturing day by day and my is of setteling down my family in a 2 or 3 years and i knew i ahve to decide from today itself. you hab\ve asked thatswhy i am asking you will you help me in this kind of a situation.........
@HACOCO (23)
• Nigeria
10 Feb 08
When you have a crush it stays a crush but when it is love it suffers,it holds on for as long as it takes for it to blossom to its name "love"
• Germany
10 Feb 08
I think in the beginning you can't decide that. If you get to know someone new it's hard to see whether this is "real love" or not/can be "real love" or not...Also I believe that love must develope, it can't be "just there". So you always start with a crush on someone, sometimes it developes to love, sometimes not. That however depends on you, the person and what's between you. Love's like a game.