A way to make your clothes look new again.

@chrislotz (8203)
February 10, 2008 9:37pm CST
I now dye my clothes when they get that old faded look. I had a friend tell me this after I noticed she had a lot of new clothes on everytime I saw her. She finally admitted to me that she dyes her clothes every 3 months. She buys the dye from Wlamart at $1.77 a package and she dyes all her clothes a different color each time. This way it looks like she has new clothes all the time. So I tried it and I dyed all my jeans. Wow, they came out looking brand new. So then I tried some of my old tshirts and same thing, they came out looking new again. It is easy to do with the new dyes they have out today. you just do them right in your washing machine. When following the instructions I let mine stand half an hour longer than they said to and they came out even brighter. Give it a try and you will be very happy you did, I promise you.
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• India
11 Feb 08
Hi Chrislotz! I also love to renew my old clothes to the latest fashion. I am always in a search that how to make my clothes look like new... I generaly experiment all these things with my clothes that are older than atleast six months. My mother sometimes screems at me when I try to modify my new clothes. She says that there is no need to spoil your new clothes, what ever you have to do, experiment on your older clothes! I generaly do all my experiments on my jeans. I have torn many of them. I just first cut them three fourth to make a long shorts and then even cut them more to make a half pant. It looks cool and gives a complete new look to my jeans. I have also cut the sleeves of my shirts to make them a sleevless shirts. They also look very cool but I have never treid to dye them. Now, I since I have got an another idea (thanks to you), I will surely try this!
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@rookiekan (883)
• China
11 Feb 08
it's really a good idea.but i dont think i will dye my old clothes.firstly,i dont know which dye we should use,there were many kinds of dye for civilian use and industry use in the market.secondly,i doubt my dye talent.i talk with my friends about this,they never did it before either
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
wow! good for you.. nice idea! il try it sometime.. hehe.. im stitching some beads with my new clothes but i think your idea is much better.. got to try it so that i can have NEW clothes.. LOL
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