What is your favorite Starcraft Race: Zerg, Terran, or Protoss?

@katbix (13)
United States
February 10, 2008 10:02pm CST
What about the race that makes it your favorite while playing Starcraft? What strategies do you use to exploit the race's strengths? What do you do to compensate for the race's weaknesses? What units of the race works the best against another race's units? What unit combinations do you use? What strategies do you use overall to win the game? What strategy do you use at the beginning of the game?
8 responses
• Japan
24 Feb 08
I use Terran. My favorite is the bunker + tanks + goliath tandem! It will be very hard to take offensive measures once this is setup. I also use the nuke to mislead my opponent. A Terran drop is also my favorite.
@eoeoeo (125)
• United States
18 Jun 08
Ahahaha I hate players like you. Terran mid-game push is very difficult for zerg players to stop, have to prevent terran from getting units early.
@jasonlim (38)
• Singapore
24 Jun 13
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• Thailand
17 May 08
I like Zerg if there are many resource in the Map. This race may has weak units however we can build a lot of them in a short time period.
@Mikaelll (22)
• Romania
20 Feb 08
zerg for sure. they are ugly mean and they come in huge numbers :D
@jaundice (33)
• United States
17 Feb 08
Definitely the Protoss. I will have 12 Dark Templars in your base before you have your 12th worker. They are extremely fast and extremely powerful if you have any micro skills. In order to compensate for their expensive units, I make more workers! The units I use to build my armies vary depending on the situation. Early game I like to use Zealots and Goons. I use the Zealots to get the aggro from my enemy units and focus fire with my Dragoons. In other cases, I'll use Dragoons and Dark Templars, in which case the Dragoons take the damage while the DT's dish it out to the unsuspecting enemy. In addition to those 2 main strategies, I sometimes mass Carriers to gain an air advantage as well. Reaver drops are also common in my strategies for taking out big groups of enemies.
• United States
17 Feb 08
I like the Terrans, mostly because they are the best turtles, with siege tanks to blow the enemy ground units up, and turrets to shoot down air units or detect cloaking units. Another thing I like is how they can build anywhere without much restriction.
@yuki84 (159)
• Hungary
11 Feb 08
Most probably people will reply: ZERG, but for me, Terran is the winner. The strategy you need to use while playing with the terrans is the closest to the style I like to play in. ^_^
@MrMalice (83)
• United States
11 Feb 08
Well my favorite would probably be the Zery. The Zerg rush is a classic move of all Starcraft players. They are versitle in play style as well. I enjoy the Terrian too, yet I find myself turtling so much withe Terrian. Yet, a fleet of Battle Cruisers is a sight to be afraid of LOL. Anyway, I'm really worried about Starcraft 2 and what changes to each race might come on it.