Can new ideas really change a society?

United States
February 11, 2008 2:33am CST
Can new ideas really change a society? If it does, how so? Cite examples.
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• United States
11 Feb 08
There are many new ideas that changed society. How about black people shouldn't be slaves for one.Because of that there are many things that changed world wide.There are many things we take for granted that were inroduced to society by black people. The first that comes to mind is the blood bank. And women being able to vote.More voters, more people to influence. Women have the right to have abortions is another huge change.All of a sudden it is up to women when or even if they have children. Women working outside the home.There was brand new look of the work force. And then there is the introduction of television.Instead of going to movies , people stayed home and had their entertainment come to them.The invention of the automobile. People could live far away from the city and still work in the city.And last but not least, the computer.Now anyone can talk to anyone else at any time. information can be spread as fast as speeding bullet.
@lisaviews (184)
• United States
11 Feb 08
New ideas completely change society. The Internet was an idea, and look at all of us now... hooked to our computers, internet junkies... Another "new" idea was that of the "New Deal" in the age of the Great Depression. This idea changed society so much. It completely renewed Americans' hopes and dreams for the United States and made them really proud to be "Americans." This new idea inspired and molded a lot of American society to what it is today. There are so many examples of a new idea, the latest societal change I can think of is the reoccurence of the social networking sites such as myLot, myspace, etc. I'm not saying people here are illiterate (please don't get me wrong), but look at the language some use (especially on myspace). Lots of people that can't really write are changing their ways and attempting to communicate via the web. Kudos for this kind of change!
@bunmi2501 (467)
• Nigeria
11 Feb 08
Every changed society, either of technological change, or social change, or policatical change have always been achieved by a very good idea, a notion and perception that the people accepted. So I believe new and good idea can change a society.
@ratyz5 (7829)
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
New ideas definitely can change society but not in a blink of an eye. It would be slow at first since not everyone would prescribe to the fresh idea. Some would still cling to the usual ideas they have grown accustom with. A very good example would be the new ideas of science with the unfavoring scrutiny of the old church before. The world being not the center of the universe as well as it being round were not recognized by the church, which was the authority before. Same goes with society. New ideas aren't readily accepted. They come along in due time.