Strange things, this is bizare

@missbdoll (1168)
February 11, 2008 6:13am CST
Yesterday morning i heard a strange pinging from my kitchen, it soundedweird and "metalic". Iwent to see if either of my tapps were dripping, they weren"t. Go away and wander, it"s stll; happening. finaly I found the problem, There was a glass on my kitchen sink that was cracking alll by it s self, right round the top, in a perfect line.Just taking a eevn ring of glass off the top ! And if that's not enough untill yesterday for about the last week my mobile phone has been switching its self off.It's been locked so it cann't be bumped , the batterry was fine be it just did it.Even when just sitting on the table.I was just getting to thinking "oh well, I need a new mobile" But now it's fine. this just seems funny and strange,ever had any strange household happenings ?
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@neenasatine (2842)
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
hi missbdoll... actually i considered you lucky since you are just experiencing "normal" things... in my case it is is "beyond normal" or "paranormal" well i don't want to tell anything further about it yet since it sounds creepy... actually i just experience it recently... i really don't like it to experience it... because it is not normal anymore... (because my third eye is starting to open...and i'm seeing and hearing strange things and i don't like it) i am not really used to other words i am in an adjustment period... one of my friends who has ESP told me that i cannot stop such third eye development of mine..he also said that just don't entertain such strange noises or things that i have seen and feel... i really wonder why i have this curse or a gift...