@mitchz (131)
February 11, 2008 6:40am CST
are you?
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@littleone3 (2065)
19 Feb 08
Yes i am in love and it is one of the best feelings ever.
• Philippines
17 Feb 08
Hi mitchz! yes i am very much in love - for almost 5 years now. =) We valued the relationship sooo much, maybe because we have been through a lot of things just to be in this relationship. We are still counting though and hoping to hit the church for our "i do's". How about you? well i do hope your are because its the most wonderful feeling in this life. =)
@idowrite72 (2214)
• United States
13 Feb 08
I'm not and think that I might never have been. I think it would be fantastic to find that one person who you felt totally comfortable with in every way and could do anything, say anything, go anywhere, be anywhere with, feel totally relaxed with, etc. I know some couples who have found relationships that have lasted for years and it seems they are still such good friends that it is great to watch them together. The sad thing is that I was married twice but I don't think that I truly loved either of those men. I had a very good friendships with another man and I'm not sure that I loved him, although I felt I did at the time. I think there has to be a total trust and comfort and I don't remember ever having that in my life.
@cherriemae (3374)
• Philippines
12 Feb 08
yes, i'm so much inlove with my daughter..she's everything for..i dont have husband or boyfriend yet, but all my life revolves to my daughter, i offered my life to her, willing to sacrifice my happiness and everything that i have because of her..
@Wario_1 (969)
• Sweden
11 Feb 08
No, im not currently in love with anyone for the moment.
• China
11 Feb 08
I`m worry about that.
• Philippines
11 Feb 08
yes i am and will always be. it's a very nice feeling to love and be loved.
• India
11 Feb 08
Yes i am in. I have been married for 1 year and i am in love with my wife