I am making a weight loss and eating plan.

United States
February 11, 2008 12:35pm CST
I have decided that I am going to make a plan this week and I am going to stick with it. First of all, I am not going to allow myself to get online and do any work until I have exercised. We'll see how long that lasts. I really want to get this weight off so hopefully I can stick to my plan. I am not going to eat out unless I am buying a salad. I want to eat more salad. I was planning on going to the store today to buy some food for my new plan, but it is sleeting. It's supposed to snow later. Does anyone else set out plans for themselves? Do you stick to it or stray from it?
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@cher913 (25890)
• Canada
11 Feb 08
anything worth doing takes time and dedication. good for you. this year i decided that i would eat healthier, not necessarily to lose weight, just to be healthier!
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• United States
11 Feb 08
Yes, being healthy is part of the reason I want to do this. Diabetes runs in my family and I don't want to be the next victim.
@anniepa (27238)
• United States
16 Feb 08
I try, oh, how I try to stick to a plan but something always seems to happen, like it snows or sleets so I can't go buy the stuff I need for my diet or I can't go for the walk I'd promised myself to take. But, you can do it if you put your mind to it and cut yourself some slack when "stuff" does happen and promise yourself to make it up, then do it! Good luck and I'll be waiting to read how it's going for you. Annie
• United States
17 Feb 08
OK - I've been 'watching what I eat' for so many years now it is not funny. I think the key is whatever works for you - do it! Some people thrive on the strict diet/exercise regime (not me!) Some people thrive on counting calories (not me!) Some people thrive on lap bands (not me!) Find what works for you - yes it can be a long search - and don't feel bad for doing what works... What works for me? Nutritional cleansing. www.lautz_tm.isagenix.com
@sophialin (2678)
• China
16 Feb 08
every time i decide to lose weight, i will make detailed plans, what discourages me is i'm always stray from the advance plan. then i know, once the plan made,implementation is pivotal.