LeBron James...101mph on the highway...

@dramaqn (1990)
United States
February 11, 2008 1:26pm CST
On Dec. 30, LeBron felt the need to go 101mph through Medina County. Well, being from Summit County he didn't realize how adamit Medina is for traffic violations and got caught. He was fined $259, pennies to him. This incident happened at 2:43am, oh and in case you don't recognize the date of Dec. 30, it's his birthday. Nice 23rd birthday present huh? The speed limit where he was pulled over is 65mph. LeBron was driving his white 2008 Mercedes adorning the license plate "KNG OF AK", which means King of Akron (where he's from and I once lived). Apparently he was on his way home from the Cleveland Airport after losing a game in New Orleans. The officer said LeBron was polite and had no problem answereing his questions and even joked a few times. Yea, he jokingly told the officer that his car could reach 200mph. Personally, I think he knows that for a fact. Anyway, LeBron has not had a ticket since his sophomore year in high school,but still received the 4points for speeding. He has until March 3 to pay his fines. And FYI, you may be able to find the footage of this patrol stop by the Ohio State Highway Patrol, due to the fact that they have released the tape from the dashboard cameras. It has become a very popular thing to see on Youtube.com. So, feel free to go over and check it out.
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