Is Homosexuality is a SIN?

February 11, 2008 7:36pm CST
As we all aware homosexuality is rampant to our world now a days, and its unstopable coz numbers are growing. Now with this i would like to ask to the people which has the idea if this kind of act is really acceptable to God or is it a sin or what? or is God can allow this one or what? or is this against or not to God's will? Please do help us enlighten this issue by your responce....!! thank you..!!
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• China
26 Feb 08
Well, I have no idea whether you would like to discuss this matter in the context of the Bible or within the social norms. I don't have too much right to discussion if it is a sin depicted in the Bible, which is compiled by a large group of heterosexualist but God himself. While discuss it under the social norms, I think it is not a sin. Let's say some people love apple yet some bananas. Can we say it's a sin not to love apples? I think it's logically faulty. I really appriciate the gent on the second floor that we should respect the homosexual as respectable individuals and respect their struggles for happiness and freedom. But it seems that your attitude towards homosexuality swings between yes and no... So I just wonder what your stance is.