Regional Language ?????

February 12, 2008 4:06am CST
Hi There! What is your Regional Language and Do you Like It??? Mine is Hindi and i like it very much... What about you?????
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@rookiekan (883)
• China
12 Feb 08 one of the most difficult languages in the world.honestly,my chinese is poor and i always down in the chinese test.we have differents dialects which dont have any relevent in the different region.u can try to learn it if u dont believe haha
• India
12 Feb 08
No i don't want to learn it because i know it is a very difficult language and i am happy with my Native Language and i like English also.....
@Gizzmo86 (147)
• Netherlands
12 Feb 08
In The Netherlands there isnt a different regional language in every region. There are like maybe 5 regions with a dialect. In my city they just talk the "normal" dutch language but ahead in my region they have some dialect. I think its difficult to understand the dialect sometimes so I am happy my city dont have one!
• India
12 Feb 08
Ok so you are from Netherlands... But i am from India Here are many regions and each region has its own dialect..... anyways thanx for your response.....
@dpk262006 (56483)
• Delhi, India
12 Feb 08
Dear! Hindi cannot be your regional language. Hindi is not the regional, it is the language of entire India and as per constitution of India, Hindi is 'official' language of the State.