- The Dark Side -

United States
February 12, 2008 9:03am CST
- The Dark Side - My Mind is Massively Malignant. My heart is full of rueful regret. A horrid persona I have created. Every ounce of potential, has dissipated. The practice of masochistic injury. My mission is a brain cell, killing spree. And that is why I abhor. The futile day that I was born. My reasoning I misuse. My freedom I undoubtedly abuse. Its a must, that I meditate... On those things, that I often desecrate. And I confess that it truly is a fight. For its easier on The Dark Side. It takes courage to be bold. When you're lacking a fortifying strong hold. My mind is full of reason. Yet, my heart is full of treason. Is it possible to succeed, When traveling at a minimum speed? Shameful... What have I become? A resident of an Intoxicated Slum. At something sacred I have certainly spit. The rock bottom I have unequivocally hit. A moment of clarity. As the truth washes over me. At a far distance, I can view the light. The conclusion of my self inflicted plight. In abundance, I harbor fear. But from that path, I must keep clear. I have to journey toward the light. By forsaking... The Dark Side. - ZeN
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