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February 12, 2008 9:27am CST
Can anyone tell me how many types of happiness one can have in ones life? In what thing is that happiness base? Is there any hapinesss which lies ever or is it finite?
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• United States
12 Feb 08
Happiness is something generated from within ourselves. It is the emotion of satisfaction, pleasure, and control in our lives. However it is a yin yang balance in happiness, for with out unhappiness we would never know what happiness is. So to experience joy, we must have pain; to experience satisfaction we must have frustration...there can't be good without evil. How we view life and our perception of the things around us determines what we take joy in. Are we miserable because we have to wash laundry or can we take the simple pleasure out of having clean smelling clothes? Are we unhappy because our life is not what we envisioned it to be, or can we find happiness in making a new quality picture of our world to fit what we currently have? Happiness in and of itself is a choice. We choose how we feel about any given circumstance. We can choose to be unhappy about something or to be happy about something. There is happiness that comes from our own sense of self and well being. There is happiness derived from satisfying relationships. There is happiness in achievements. There is happiness in just about everything in life. Sometimes we may not be happy about doing something that is our responsibility to do, say like jury duty. But we do it anyway. Would it be better to do it in a miserable state? Or would it be better to just understand that it is our duty and do it willingly without complaint? Which is going to make us feel better? Sometimes I think we all fall into the trap of thinking happiness should be a constant. But happiness isn't a constant thing in our life, it is something we have moments of and should savor them for everything they are worth, rather than feeling depressed that we don't have a constant high of happiness. The well of happiness is infinite, but what we make of situations and life is how we find our happiness. Being positive is one of the best ways to live a happy life.
• India
16 Feb 08
a very well written. iliked it & to an extent i am satisfied with your answer. thanks for helping me out.