Sometimes Embassys can be too careful

Amy Winehouse - Amy Winehouse, (seen here on the cover of Rolling Stones magazine) winner of 5 Grammys for songs from her album Back to Black, did not appear at the 2008 Grammys because of a visa denial by the US Embassy in London.
@trinihd (996)
United States
February 12, 2008 11:31am CST
--Earlier in the week, the U.S. embassy in London had denied Winehouse a visa to attend the Grammys, but after word came Friday that the visa had been granted, her reps said she wouldn't be attending, citing "logistics involved and timing complications." The US Embassy is not the only embassy guilty of being overly cautious, and I'm not saying they don't have reasons to be, but the truth of the matter is they still manage to let in terrorists, or in fact the terrorists they are trying to stop entering have probably already arrived and they are conducting an exercise in futility in preventing (and actually terrorising) innocent people who just need to enter the country for a short period. The same happened for some Nigerians who needed to just pass though Britain to attend a funeral of their sibling. The UK Embassy refused to grant them a visa so they had to end up going via another route but they weren't dangerous people to begin with and now I suppose, I don't know what the visa fee is or if it is refundable (I doubt that though) but their energy and time was wasted in their attempts to go through Britain. And perhaps they should have tried passing the other route first, but I guess these are things you only think about in hindsight anyway. I feel sorry for innocent people who time and again are refused visas and have no recourse to get a refund of the exorbitant visa application fees. It's a highly unfair situation as far as I am concerned. And in the case of the Grammy-nominated artist and the US embassy, the embassy ended up with pie on their face as far as I am concerned. It's entirely their fault that it happened that way, that the artist who swept 5 grammys couldn't accept in person. I'm sure they expected she would just be on the alert to jump on a plane at the last minute with visa in hand, which is probably how it usually goes for most people, but didn't happen here. Kudos to Amy on her wins!
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