How to Register for a FREE membership at One Stop Write Shop1

United States
February 12, 2008 12:13pm CST
Due to the increase of spam, email programs such as yahoo, AOL, and MSN have configured their spam filters accordingly. In order to complete your registration at: One Stop Write Shop you will be sent an email that contains the confirmation link. This link must be selected in order for your registration to be complete and you can start publishing your writing on the site. To make this task error free, I recommend turning off your spam filter prior to registering for an account. Members can also configure their "bulk email folders" to hold mail though to be spam for a specific amount of time until the user has time to review their mail. If you have not received your confirmation link within the first five minutes of registering for the account. Please check your spam filter for the link or try re-registering. Note: If you have already registered you will need to use a different user name and email to re-register. Contact an administrator for more assistatnce if you have trouble accessing the confirmation link. Thank you, ***SPECIAL PROMOTION*** Pay for a year membership and get 2 months free! A Regular membership cost only $99.50 a year, users can access the writers station, and can publish and unlimited amount of writing with this account type. Create your own Author Blog Page Advertise your New Book Publications Earn Extra Income Obtain Reviews on all of your published writings Chat in the Writers Cafe Enroll in a FREE Writer's Workshop Teach your own class, and Charge a fee! Host your own writing competitions Buy Products with Tokens (VM) Virtual Money Earned through reviewing other members work. Sell Merchandise in the Members E-Store: Coming Soon! Become the published writer you have always wanted to be, at One Stop Write Shop The Home for Talented Writers!
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