Question about a few websites

@jhl930 (3605)
United States
February 12, 2008 4:26pm CST
I have been scammed by a few websites and I dont want to be I was just wondering if these two websites are legit or are they scams too...they are paid to post websites(I like mylot and I figure that others have to be like mylot too)one of them is have just found out about it and dont want to work for someone who is going to scam me...and I think that the other one is that is anothe that I have heard about but again I dont know if it is a scam or if it is the real is really hard to tell now what is a scam and what is not a does anyone know anything about them?
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@Jumpin (117)
• India
17 Apr 08
Not sure about Nadzel, but italkcash was definitely not a scam. I got paid like $50 from that site. :)
• India
27 Feb 08
well mylot works and its pays to but one think i wanna tell u that i donot know any think about nadzal/
@chrislotz (8203)
• Canada
26 Feb 08
I have never heard of the first one you mention, but I have heard of I have read in some other forums that is a scam site and there were members waiting for their money and never got paid. I don't know if they have been paid since because I don't work those other forums anymore. I joined but I haven't worked it either since I heard that people were waiting for their money. I like mylot mostly because you can post about anything here not just about certain topics, like so many other sites. I think the site italkcash is only postings about ways to make money and after awhile their is no more to say about it. That is another reason I never bothered to work it. I also belong to a forum called and I don't work it anymore either because you only get paid for posting threads in certain areas and I couldn't find them and I was posting in threads that didn't pay and I wasted way too much time in it. I also work a site called and it is a really good one. I have been paid several times in it but they have now dropped the earnings down from 10 cents a thread to 3 cents a thread, so I can't make as much anymore. But I still work it because I make about $17.00 a month there and it is still more than here. In that site you are only allowed to post 20 replies so you can make 60 cents a day and it doesn't take much time to post that many. All the threads there are about moneymaking sites so it is easy to post. You can see my link on my blogg by going to my profile page and looking at it, if you want to give it a try. It doesn't matter if you want to sign up with my link because we don't get paid for referrals there.
• Singapore
13 Feb 08
I can't seem to find much information about them so it's really open as to whether they are scams or not. You might not want to be too heavily involved as yet and perhaps wait for some proof of payment from people who report it. It's better to be conservative than to waste too much of your time from the start. In the meantime just concentrate on what has brought you payouts.
• United States
13 Feb 08
I have also never heard of either site. Apparently they are so new, that finding feedback in a search seems useless. I treat these sites as " not-for-me" until someone I know has been paid before I'll consider joining. Recently, I have found that the time I have available on MyLot has begun to dwindle... but it's still my favorite forum site!
• Philippines
12 Feb 08
It's the first time I have heard those sites. I'll take a look at it before I can say it's a scam. You are right, it is really very hard to differentiate a scam from not. But the longer you stay in the web, the more that you get to know informations of what sites which will scam you later.
@beyonce03 (2331)
• Canada
12 Feb 08
I don,t know if they are scam, but it's the first time I've heard od these 2. The things with paid per post it's that most of them won't last. When a new one appeared, everyone is saying that they are better then mylot but after a few weeks or month they will close and mylot is still there. There is a lot of website made to warn people about scam program. Just make some research and you will see if these two are good or bad ;)