"Ryan Gosling is Masterful in Half Nelson" - Have You Seen This Great Film?

United States
February 13, 2008 9:46am CST
"Half Nelson" is triumphant, because of stellar direction and flawless acting. Ryan Gosling is perfect in his portrayal of a functional drug addict, elementary teacher. His manic intensity and subtle gesture contributions, create a splendid character. He excelled, in a story that other actors would have faltered in. Comparisons to a young Brando or DeNiro are fair, because much like them, he conveys a multitude of feelings... while vocalising very little. Also... Shareeka Epps as the leading lady, shines bright, as a student that struggles with neighborhood pressures. She gave a fresh and natural performance. Making you forget, that she's a rookie actor. Anthony Mackie was a sly and smooth drug pusher from the hood. "Half Nelson" is the story of a student and teacher creating an unlikely bond. Each, must deal with attempting to help the other with difficulties of life. The film's story is real to life. Containing portions, that you know could have been exaggerated, yet where developed in real world, ways. Making the story feel abundantly authentic. If you hear this film described as boring... don't be fooled, "Half Nelson" is a brilliant, character study, film. In the end, in the hands of director: Ryan Fleck, it's a splendid piece of reality, and a cinematic masterpiece.
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@Zalvor (728)
• Turkey
13 Feb 08
I haven't had the chance of watching it yet, but I've seen Kevin Smith recommending it somewhere on www.youtube.com.
• United States
14 Feb 08
I believe that recommendation from Kevin Smith is when he co-hosted Ebert and Roepert. They both gave it a thumbs up. All the praise that Smith gives the film and Gosling is correct, and I hope you get the opportunity to see it. It is awful that one of the best performances of that year, wont be seen, because of the lack of popularity for the film.
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